Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam - Dining
Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam - Dining
Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam - Dining

The Flying Dutchman


Overlooking the beautiful inner garden of the hotel, everybody feels truly at home at this traditional Dutch brown café. Dennis, our barman since 1992, serves a wide variety of Dutch and local Amsterdam beers and snacks, alongside an extensive collection of whiskies and spirits.

Whether you want to enjoy a refreshing drink, watch a sports game on TV, meet a friend for a quick bite or drink a beer after work; The Flying Dutchman is the perfect place to enjoy your evening. The bar is also available for private hire and can accommodate up to 40 people.

The legend of The Flying Dutchman (De Vliegende Hollander) tells about a ghost ship that can never make port, doomed to sail the oceans forever. Captain Willem van der Decken lived in Terneuzen and was known as a brave man. Around the year 1676, his ship disappeared during one of his voyages. En route to the Indies, a fierce storm occurred near the Cape of Good Hope. Instead of waiting out the storm, the captain proceeded with his journey, against the wishes of the crew and the weather gods. Since then, he is doomed to sail the seas for eternity. And to this day, the story of the ship 'that flies over the waves' is told by sailors all over the world.



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