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Have a taste of Amsterdam with our own honey

Looking for the ideal Amsterdam inspired present, souvenir or simply a local breakfast item?

At restaurant Bridges we strongly belief in the story of our products. As a matter of fact, our Executive Chef Raoul Meuwese gets inspired by locally sourced foods when creating seasonal menus.

In partnership with the Mokumse Stadsimkerij, beekeeper Dorinde de Tempe placed two beehives on the rooftop of Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam. They have become home to 30.000 honey bees, who are producing our very own ‘The Grand Honey’.

The depth of flavour and colour of each honey is depended on the nectar from which the bee draws pollen; therefore, it is highly influenced by the season and location of the bee hive.

In Amsterdam, many Linden trees line along the streets near the well-known canals. They are known to be a bee favourite and give the honey that is produced during the summer period a light colour but strong aromatic flavour.

Enjoy our legendary honey in one of the dishes from restaurant Bridges and Oriole Garden Bistro or take a bit of Amsterdam home with you.

One honey jar of 250 ml is available for €12,50. Ordering within the Netherlands is possible for an additional charge of €4,95.

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