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Oriole Express

Most likely you won't get the chance to travel to your favourite Mediterranean country this year, but Oriole found the perfect solution for that! Step on board of the Oriole Express-train and join us on a journey along five high-profile Mediterranean cuisines; each with its own charm and identity.

Over the next five months, the Oriole Express will travel through five different southern European countries, all with a recognizable delicious cuisine that will occupy a central stage in our bistro for a month. Our kitchen brigade serves a delicious three-course Menu du Chef à EUR 37, depending on the specialties of the country. In light of the Sofitel Wine Days, we serve a matching wine arrangement à EUR 17,50.

On Wednesday, July 1st the Oriole Express has departed to Burgundian France, with its unsurpassed Fruits de mer and classic Escargots. After France we have continued our journey in August to the “Boot of Europe” and “Home of spaghetti”: Italy. From there we will travel to Greece in September and in October our bistro will be dedicated to España, Olé! The Oriole Express journey will end in November in cozy Portugal.

We will provide your passport, which you can use to save for well-known stamps in every country. You will receive a stamp with every visit. If you have saved three stamps, you will receive a cup of coffee and pastry of your choice. As soon as you have saved five stamps you will receive a fully arranged three-course lunch menu in our bistro. Of course you can enjoy the same country several times a month - even then you will receive a stamp with every visit.

Are you ready for the journey? Don't forget your bags and hop onto the Oriole Express!

Bon Voyage!

Oriole Express menu September - Greece

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