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Raw Bar

Holland's first! From oysters, lobster sandwiches to delicate fish tartar everything is freshly prepared in front of your very own eyes. The Grand Ocean Platter is a hit with food lovers alike.


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Cocktail Bar

Bridges' futuristic Cocktail Bar & Lounge is the place to unwind with a Classic Cocktail or a glass of Moët & Chandon champagne. Located directly opposite the Raw Bar offers the perfect accompanying bites.


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Cigar Lounge

The sturdy Cigar Lounge is the ideal location for an after dinner cigar and a digestive. In cooperation with P.G.C. Hajenius Bridges, inspired by Ron Blaauw made a balanced selection of short and long filler cigars.


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Private Dining Room

For optimum privacy take advantage of the Private Dining experience, which caters for up to 12 people and provides pleasant views of the Vinothèque. The private Dining Room is a pleasant and comfortable place where guests can relax to their hearts' content, enjoying a delicious cocktail and bites from the Raw Bar.


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The Vinothèque is the home of our sommelier. In this contemporary environment, located to the rear of the restaurant, he selects and samples his wines.


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    There are two wine lists: the Concise wine list, which is acceptable to the palate as well as the purse and the Grand wine list. The emphasis is on French wines, but there is also a fine selection of New World wines from Chile, South Africa, the Netherlands and Australia. There is also a wide choice of vintage champagnes. A good way to sample different wines in the summer months is to order a so-called wine flight on the upper deck of the Bridges garden terrace. A voyage of discovery of three different types of wine (white, red or rosé), where the sommelier provides appropriate explanation and serves delightful canapés.

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Garden Terrace

The Garden Terrace can be found in the beautiful and completely re-landscaped courtyard garden. It is one of Amsterdam's best kept secrets. An oasis of peace and tranquility, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


  • Raw barTerrace

    Bridges serves lunch and dinner on the lower deck. Le Petit Bistro serves lunch and dinner on the upper deck. The garden has retained many of its authentic Amsterdam School style features, from the time that The Grand served as the city hall.

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Library 'Or'

The Library 'Or' is situated in the beautiful lobby, located directly by the entrance to the hotel. Sybille de Margerie drew inspiration from the colours of typically Dutch elements, such as the dark-grey street stones known as 'klinkers' and the deep, rich colours of the Amsterdam flower market. The Library 'Or' has a rich collection of books about local culture, architecture and French savoir-faire.


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    This library, graced by a beautiful, eye-catching lamp with precious gold leaf inlay, is the ideal place to become acquainted with art and culture, or to relax in peaceful surroundings. Dotted around the open fireplace are comfortable sofas and deep armchairs, where one can relax and partake of The Grand Afternoon Tea Tradition. Or how about a coffee and croissant with Le Figaro? The ultimate Parisian rendezvous.

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Bar 'De Vliegende Hollander'

A traditional Dutch brown café, serving an assortment of Dutch beers and snacks, alongside an extensive collection of whiskeys and spirits. Whether you read the newspapers over your daily cup of coffee, meet a friend for lunch or a quick bite, or imbibe a few beers after work, for many people their favorite bar inevitably becomes a home away from home.


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    The legend of the Flying Dutchman (de Vliegende Hollander) concerns a ghost ship that can never make port, doomed to sail the oceans forever.

    Captain Willem van der Decken lived in Terneuzen and was known as a brave man. Around the year 1676 his ship disappeared on one of his voyages. En route to the Indies, a violent storm occurred near the Cape of Good Hope. Instead of waiting out the storm, the captain proceeded with his journey, against the wishes of the weather gods. Since then, he is doomed to sail forever and to this day the story of the ship 'that flies over the waves' is told by sailors all over the world.

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Restaurant Bridges inspired by Ron Blaauw

The legendary location, which served as the canteen of the former Town Hall, is now a place where gourmands can savor the culinary skills of Chef de Cuisine Bobby Rust. The style is a bridge between Dutch and French culinary traditions: fresh fish from Holland, prepared with a French twist. The restaurant also caters for vegetarians and people who fancy meat from local Dutch produce.

  • Within a few months of opening, Bridges was heralded as one of the best restaurants in the Netherlands and in 2013 it received a Michelin star.


    Haute Cuisine

    Raw barBobby Rust, Chef de Cuisine.

    Bobby Rust (1982), Chef de Cuisine at Bridges, learned the trade from top chefs such as Robert Kranenborg, Jonnie Boer and Sergio Herman.
    He found his way to Bridges in 2014 via master chef Ron Blaauw, with whom he had worked as a chef in the two-star Ron Gastrobar restaurant (2013 – 2014).Rust describes his style as «artisan, wild, but with absolute refinement». The star restaurant at Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam gives guests a culinary experience that will be etched in their memory forever.

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  • Jos van Hunen - Restaurant Manager

    Bridges is a leading seafood restaurant in Amsterdam, where innovative cuisine pleasantly blends with classical French gastronomy. With Jos van Hunen as the maitre, guests enjoy high quality service in a luxurious, relaxed and open atmosphere. He makes sure his brigade has just a much affinity with the products and passion for food as he does. They serve the guests with great enthusiasm and professionalism. Jos believes that Bridges is a favorite retreat for many ‘Amsterdammers’, culinary connoisseurs and international VIP’s. At Bridges, people feel right at home.

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Le Petit Bistro

French bistro classics in an urban atmosphere Our little brother ‘Le Petit Bistro’ opened its doors in January 2014. Adjacent to us, Restaurant Bridges, and overlooking the beautiful inner garden, the former lounge has now an authentic Parisian bistro charm.


  • Raw bar The interior has a warm and urban atmosphere with marble tabletops, leather chairs and high tables with stools finished with wood and metal. The internationally oriented menu has modern varieties of bistro classics, such as steak tartar and crème brûlée. Did you know that Chef de Cuisine, Bobby Rust, is also responsible for all culinary dishes in this bistro? Meaning: same Michelin starred quality for just a quick bite and with, of course, a lower price.

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